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Credit Counseling: Saint George (UT)

Saint George residents are enlisting our services evaluate the debt and credit counseling plans available in Saint George, UT. Ready to talk with an approved Saint George credit counseling company about becoming debt-free?

Saint George UT Credit Counseling

Saint George credit counseling firms help people struggling financially by:

  • Coaching them on how to manage their finances more efficiently.
  • Providing answers to existing debt concerns.
  • Establishing custom-made spending plans for their clients.

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Anyone reviewing a credit application wants to know how much you make, how much you owe. Calculating this is simple.

Pay DTI Debt Severity?
$2,391 36% $861 Great
$2,391 43% $1,028 Slight Concern
$2,391 50% $1,196 Assistance Needed!

Managing Debt: Saint George, UT

Credit Card Counseling Saint George UT

An integral part of credit counseling is managing debt. If you sign up for a DMP, your Saint George UT credit counseling agency may able to secure decreased interest levels and costs from the companies you borrowed from. On a monthly basis, you’ll submit an agreed amount to your Saint George credit counselor. They divide up the money among each of your creditors.

How to Avoid Credit Counseling Shams in Saint George (UT)

Credit Counseling Saint George UT

As a program, credit counseling and debt management plans have been vetted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other federal regulators, but you need to make sure that any credit counselor you find in Saint George, UT, is a professional one. You can do this in many ways, for example reading their customer feedback, examining whether or not they’re registered in Utah, and taking a look at their Better Business Bureau page.

For details, look at this FTC write-up on the subject.

Don’t work with a credit counselor you can’t put your confidence in. Let us assist you in finding an experienced Saint George credit counseling organization.

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Credit Counseling Saint George UT

Credit counseling can save you money in a big way, but just how much is determined by an array of factors. Are you ready to learn how much credit counseling in Saint George, UT, could help you save?

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In most cases, the advisement component costs nothing.

How much will a debt management program cost you? Normally $25-30 a month, as well as an initial fee of around $75.

The majority of programs will require you to repay 2.5 percent of your overall credit card debt each month.

Let’s look at a summary of how much we’re talking about, based on varying levels of total debt.

Debt 2.1% 2.5%
$5000 $105 $125
$10,000 $210 $250
$15,000 $315 $375
$20,000 $420 $500
$25,000 $525 $625
$40,000 $840 $1000
$45,000 $945 $1125
$50,000 $1050 $1250
$55,000 $1155 $1375
$60,000 $1260 $1500
$70,000 $1470 $1750
$85,000 $1785 $2125
$90,000 $1890 $2250
$95,000 $1995 $2375

Credit Counseling / Debt Counseling in Saint George (UT)

  • National Sentry Corporation, 260 W Saint George Blvd, #201, 84770
  • Abbott’s Interwest – Alternators & Starters, 38 N 1000 E, 84770
  • Consumer Credit Counseling, 946 W Sunset Blvd, 84770
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Utah, 163 W 1600 S, #3, 84770