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Debt Consolidation: Tremonton (UT)

How many consumers need debt relief in Tremonton, UT? We have calculated that 750 of Tremonton’s 8,945 inhabitants would benefit from a debt relief solution of some kind or another. Debt consolidation is a somewhat economical way of getting out of debt.

There are a couple of different types of debt consolidation programs: some entail loans, most don’t. In both cases, you’ll need a steady source of income. We can get you in touch with a good Tremonton debt consolidation agency.

Debt Consolidation in Tremonton UT

Tremonton (UT) Debt Management Plans

Debt Consolidation Companies Tremonton UT

In most cases, Tremonton residents opt to combine their credit card and/or payday loan debts into a debt management plan. These programs enable you to pay back 100% of what you owe with a single payment amount. The benefits are significant: reduced interest rates, monthly payments, and penalty fees. Almost always your creditor starts supplying these benefits after three months of timely payments.

Also, these types of plans are normally rather inexpensive:

  • Sign up: no more than $70
  • Fee Every Month: $20 to 50

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Tremonton (UT) Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans are available in two varieties: unsecured personal loans and loans secured by a home or other property. The second is most prevalent.

The great number of payments you were mailing to numerous credit card companies will be combined into one simple monthly installment, your loan payment. That said, many advisors say that credit counseling in Tremonton, UT would be a better option.

Is a debt consolidation loan a good idea?

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Payday Loan Consolidation Programs Tremonton UT

In Tremonton, it seems as if payday debt is almost as prevalent a problem as credit debt.

Residents 1 Payday Loans 2 Payday Loans Past Due
8,945 465 354 205

Luckily, we work with Tremonton UT payday loan consolidation agencies. Need to consolidate your payday loans?

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When to Consolidate Your Debt

Debt Consolidation Companies Tremonton UT

Debt consolidation agents in Tremonton, UT will want to know how much debt you have that’s no secured. That means it’s not backed by an asset of some type. The most typical causes of debt are:

  • Credit Cards
  • Payday Loans
  • Retail Store Cards
  • Rent
  • Other Credit Lines

Let’s look at the optimal monthly debt for a typical Tremonton consumer:

Annual Income Income Monthly Recommended Monthly Debt Severe Debt Load
$47,419 $3,952 $1,423 $1,976

Is your debt load greater than 50%? If that’s the case, you really should seek the advice of a debt consolidation professional near you.

Debt Consolidation Ripoffs

Debt Consolidation Loans Tremonton UT

As per the FTC, any Tremonton, UT debt consolidation consultant has to:

  • Clarify their prices and fees.
  • Inform you of how many weeks before they communicate with each creditor.
  • Inform you of how much you’ll have to save before they’ll contact each of your creditors.
  • Make clear how your credit ratings will be impacted.

Never become a member of a program that’s got a poor track record.

Debt Consolidation Programs: Tremonton, UT

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